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Ohana - our Collector's Club

Ohana Bears by Bo Bergemann® are so unique and original you won't want to miss a single one.  Simply join our Ohana Club to be sure you will receive one of each new bear offered on a regular basis at a discount!  Plus you will receive extra goodies like stickers and trading pins or an original collectible bag in each delivery for FREE!  Our gift of a little extra aloha just for you will be unique and an unexpected added blessing every time you receive your gift of aloha from Ohana Bears!

Each club delivery will be billed as it is shipped at $35.95, extra goodies will be added to your box and when your doorbell rings you and the mailman will both be blessed with aloha galore!

Club type offerings will change up regularly to keep things fun and interesting.  Just like Hawaii!

You can expect an email showcasing what's next up on the Ohana collector's club menu each time a new plush is offered.  You simply check yes, or no and your plush will come raining sunshine at your door within a week of new offerings being in stock for each new offering you elect to receive.   You will never miss out on a new plush offering.  If you see a promo email and do not want an offering, simply check NO THANKS in your email and we will skip your house for that offering.  Your CC on file will only be charged after you confirm you want the newest offer via email.  Or you may purchase and checkout without saving your CC info. on file so you can choose to or not to receive and pay for each new offering as you see fit.  No commitments, only opportunities offered here!

You may also simply purchase one Ohana Club package at a time from those showcased below offers when available in stock.  

If you do opt into our Ohana Club Email List, then additional special opportunities and promotions will also come your way because now you are OHANA!  For example you will know first when we are planning to attend a show or convention so you can plan as well before the crowds jump on board when we publicize our attendance.  But we promise not to pester you.  Expect 1 email monthly up to 3 max on busy months.  In time we plan to have special events for club members only or club members first as the case may be.  

Join our Ohana today!



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