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Collectible Plush

Ohana Bears by Bo Bergemann® are being fleshed out into collectible plush characters which are supersoft and luxurious using only the finest fabrics and trims to create our truly unique original characters in plush to hug, hold and collect as your very own!

Each character has a message all their own to share with a unique original personality to go with it.  All inspired by some aspect of modern Hawaii's colorful melting pot culture missed by many the world over whose hearts belong to Hawaii although they live elsewhere. 

Ohana Bears were created to help hearts connect with Hawaii and Ohana carrying aloha with them wherever they go.  Each plush carries an inspirational message in their opu (Hawaiian for tummy).  You can add a gift, an engagement ring, a message of your own or cold hard cash to this zipper enclosed pocket to make Ohana Bears the perfect gift wrap!  But they are so much more than their messages being truly original, beautiful, and huggable too!  All are limited editions which will be created in small batches to keep the collectible line the rare treasure that it truly is!

Most Ohana Bear type/size/style versions are limited to a lifetime max of 7000 worldwide.  Although we will make them in small batches rotating annually. So if you miss out this year on a character you wanted it may not be out again for another year or longer depending on many unpredictable and complex production factors. A few of our key character plush offerings are not limited.  But all are made in small batches which get sold out quick. So, grab those you love quick before they are gone or it's your own kuleana. Better yet, join our Ohana Collectors Club and never miss a single new plush offering without having to ever check back at all!

We guarantee everything we sell to your satisfaction.  So if it isn't, just send it back within 10 days of receipt for a full refund to the payment source you originally used.  

Plush are sold on pre-order at the best prices and then sold in stock as long as supplies last.  So check back often or it's your own kuleana if you miss out!

Ohana Bear characters and inspirational messages are also imprinted on clothing and lifestyle accessories to help you share your aloha with you wherever you go!

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